About AARN

Who is the Australian Accident Repair Network ?

The Creation of AARN

The Australian Accident Repair Network (AARN) was formed in 1996 allowing quality individual vehicle repairers to have a voice in an industry that has often 'silenced' the smaller businesses.

Today AARN are a respected industry body able to offer valuable opportunities to their nationwide member base of like-minded individuals in the panel repair industry. AARN have successfully formed an association based on fostering trustworthy relationships and quality systems and procedures.

 AARN strives to build its reputation in the industry as a body which demands the best locally, nationally and internationally in collision repairs! Ensuring its members are strategically positioned to take advantage of the opportunities as the industry faces the challenges ahead.

The network is dedicated to implementing improvements at all delivery points along the value chain. The stakeholders in the chain being:

  • The Customers;
  • Motor Vehicle Repairers;
  • Panel Technicians;
  • Panel Support Teams;
  • Suppliers/Dealers/Vehicle Manufacturers;
  • Financers & Insurers.

With 108* quality Repair Facilities around Australia, and  32 Corporate Members and Sponsors AARN, can truly deliver the support and networking opportunities to help your business reach its full potential.

*Body shop membership as at August 2013

Note:  AARN Office telephone number: 1300 449 729.