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AARN Website Information

General Public

Find out who we are and what we stand for. AARN is building it's reputation in the Public Arena, having a double benefit of additional publicity for Members. The general public needs a respected body to consult when in the market for a Quality Repair facility in an industry that has previously lost their trust. AARN can restore it. Find our MEMBER LISTINGS in our Public Access Area by clicking on the button....Repairer Network. This will help you find a trusted Repairer in your local area. This section also has information on Manufacturer approved and Insurance Preferred Repairer listings. Please contact  [email protected] for more advice.

Prospective Members

Our visitors can also use this site to find out more about us. They can also take advantage of the Member Lists and if desired contact these Members to get their personal view on the value of an AARN Membership. Refer to the button.....AARN Body Shop Membership.


Not only will you have access to information and news as it happens and available at your convenience, AARN can keep you personally updated with news and events to your personal e-mail. You can visit this site to discover changes within AARN, New Product Developments in smash repair, crash repair, panel beating, automotive painting and panel repairs, as well as Industry News.

Currently all this information is available on the web site in the Member Access Area.

Business Meetings

One of the benefits our Members enjoy is regular access to new ideas and developments, which are often not immediately associated with the industry.

BI-Annual Conference:

AARN's Bi-Annual Conference always provides a wide range of Industry Leaders and Renowned Speakers. This helps keep all attendees up to date with the latest ideas and developments within the Industry, as well as allowing our Corporate Sponsors an opportunity to launch new products. These Conferences often provide thought provoking opportunities for many and also give you a chance to seek and hear the views of your peers on local, national and global developments.

State Meetings:

Are held twice a year (only once if there is a National Conference).
 Hear Members Success Stories

  • Be motivated by Industry speakers
  • Learn practical tools to implement solutions into your business.
  • Discuss the future of AARN