Crash Assist

AARN CrashAssist – Accident Help Phone APP

This Mobile Phone application or ‘app’, is designed to be an invaluable tool for anyone who drives a car and owns an Apple iPhone or new Android model SMART Phone.

This app will use the power of the iPhone’s & Android’s existing technologies like Maps, Contacts, Clock, Calendar, Email and Camera to help navigate a person through the difficult and stressful time following an accident. It will then gather all this information and put it into a printable format and details can be emailed directly to Insurance Company / other.

The AARN Crash Assist App is simple and easy to use and AARN will add more functionality to it over time. Anyone who has ‘AARN Crash Assist’ will be advised via iTunes, and the Google Play (App) store, whenever there is an app upgrade. This will keep ‘AARN Crash Assist’ top of mind and fresh.

This AARN Crash Assist Phone App will provide the consumer with a useful device that helps to make their life a little easier at a stressful time. The fact that it is free to the end user ,will also ensure that it has good uptake.