Not all repairers are the same

Innovative collision repair management and cost solutions.

With an unrivalled level of expertise in collision repairs and members located in every state and territory, AARN is perfectly placed to provide organisations with better national collision repair management solutions.

AARN offers tailored solutions that make the service experience better and quicker, with more cost effective pricing and cost reductions at either a national or local level.

The outcomes you can expect from AARN Collision Repair Management Solutions are:

Time You’re on the road quicker.

Costs Reduced and controlled cost.

Customer Service We keep you informed of progress through your vehicles repairs.

Data Reporting Centralised reporting.

Safety Repaired to original ANCAP safety rating and manufacturers specification.

Quality Drive like it did before the collision.

Guarantee Repairs guaranteed nationally for the life of the vehicle.

Technology AARN repairers are experienced with the latest vehicle safety systems and materials.

Governance Ensures you meet your legislative and chain of responsibility obligations.