AARN Network

Being part of a network of quality and like-minded Repair Facilities creates its own return. The pursuit of superior quality becomes both a collective goal, and an organisational one.

Increased Sales Volume

The development of good relationships between AARN and industry stakeholders (Major Insurers, Manufacturers and Suppliers). One of AARN’s objectives is to create business opportunities for AARN members in the future.


AARN Members can communicate within the network with like-minded people who you can relate to. The network facilitates the connection of real people, not a magazine or a industry speaker -just another Repair/Manager of a Vehicle Repair facility that you can get to know. Find out who is a member of AARN by viewing the Repair Network list behind the button.......Find an AARN Repairer


Sharing of information on a reciprocal basis within the AARN network creates a unique opportunity for members to avoid risk and potentially save money. AARN provides our members with valuable information relative to smash repairs, new products, suppliers, techniques and equipment, before you commit any financial investments or waste precious time.